FAQ: frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and curiosities about Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us


  • Can I drive a kart even if it's my first time?
    Absolutely: Sodi karts are simple and safe, and after a few laps any driver, even without experience, has certainly gained the right confidence with the vehicle and with the track. In any case, before each session, all drivers must follow the briefing both on screen and from the marshals that clearly explain the operation of the kart and rules of behavior on the track.
  • I must be over 18 years old to drive a kart?
    No, we have karts for kids and children. If you have never driven a kart you have the opportunity to attend specific training lessons to start in this sport.
  • What kind of races can I drive?
    You can drive both chrono sessions that real Grand Prix divided into qualifying and race. For further details please read the prices section of the site.
  • Do I need a specific suite?
    We recommend comfortable clothing and sportswear. To run you must wear overalls, helmet, balaclava and chest protectors that are provided forfree by Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena. Gloves and shoes are not included but you can buy them directly in kartdrome.
  • Can I use my helmet and/or my personal suit?
    You can use your helmet only if it is a full-face rodel (eg, motorcycle helmet or helmet for sports competitions). No problem for the suit. The chest protectors remains a mandatory accessory.
  • Can I make a video of my race?
    If you use your helmet on which you have installed a video camera, you can easily make a video of the race.
  • What is the briefing?
    It is an important meeting between the drivers and the marshals, and takes place immediately before entering the track. At this meeting the marshals explain the rules of behavior on the track, helped by a clear and detailed video explaining the operation of the kart, answer the questions of the drivers, verify that the equipment (suit, helmet, rib protection) are correctly worn and there are no possible hazardous conditions (eg, scarves and shawls protruding lucidity of the driver, etc...).


  • How can I book?
    You can book your Grand Prix and your events directly in go-kart track during the opening hours, or contacting us by phone.
  • It is advisable to book for groups?
    In order not to create queues and moments of "clogging" and not to wait too long for any groups, reservation is advisable and recommended the reservation. In case of booking it is necessary to reach go-kart track at least 30 minutes before the booking to allow the registration of any new drivers and the preparation of the session.
  • How can I participate in Grand Prix events already organized?
    The details of how to attend events organized by Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena (contacts, methods, rules, prizes, etc ...) are communicated from time to time either through printed material distributed directly into the go-kart track that by electronic communication through newsletters, website, Facebook page.
  • If I'm alone What can I do?
    The 10 minutes Crono Sessions are not bound by reservation and can participate in up to 12 riders. If you are alone and want to attend a GP you can always join groups currently on hold.
  • Can I join existing groups?
    The groups on the track can be of up to 12 drivers at the same time: to join existing groups is therefore necessary that they have not already reached the 10 drivers and in any case, you need permission from the group to join them.


  • In order to compete I need the driving license?
    No, even the minor ones and the not licensed can safely compete. You still need a document (identity card, driving license or passport) when registering in order to get the card annual driving.
  • Which documents are required to allow my minor child to on the track?
    In order for a minor to run is required document signed by "responsible adult relative" (identity card, driving license or passport) and to fill out a form (You can find it "here" or directly at the cashier)


  • If I am disabled, can I access all areas of the Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena?
    Certainly: the kartdrome has an entrance on the ground floor accessible without steps and an elevator for people with disabilities (ask the staff of the go-kart track for the opening of access to the ground floor and to use the lift)
  • If I am disabled, can I still access a race or on the track?
    Certainly: Topfuel Racing Milan Arena has to join two go-karts Sodi RX-7 (identical to those used for the "adults drivers") with staering wheel controls that allow a carrier of disability in the lower limbs can make all types of session with this vehicle: chrono, GP and tournaments along with the kart for able-bodied. We also have a two-seater kart which also allows wearers of total disability or who is unable to drive and turn on the track as a passenger along with our driver or an attendant. In the pit lane area is also a lift with harness to allow a secure and rapid ascent/descent from the kart by the disabled.


  • Can I reserve an area at the Orange Café for a private party?
    Of course: the Orange Café is equipped with a lounge area of 1200 square meters with 200 square meters of terrace facilities and meeting space for up to 200 people.
  • Can I access the Orange Café, even if I do not participate in events on the track?
    Yes: the Orange Café is in effect a lounge bar independent of the track. Orange Café offers evenings of live music, entertainment and cabaret.


  • Can I organize business events at Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena?
    Certainly: there is a modular meeting room with room up to 200 people, a sound system for microphone and for music, video projection on retractable screen, internet access. You can find all the details in the section "business".
  • What kind of competitions can be organized?
    Linked to a corporate event or a meeting, you can organize all types of races (crono sessions, races, GP, etc ...) as well as competitions such as "Endurance Race" designed for larger groups.
  • It is possible to organize banquets?
    Of course: our catering service can provide both buffet or coffee breaks as much as real dinners with table service, worthy of the best gourmet.
  • Can I rent advertising space?
    Of course: Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena gives you a chance to put your ADV on the track, on the various screens placed in Area Lounge or as a banner on our website, making you visible to the hundreds of riders who compete each week on the track! For more information send us an e-mail, our marketing department will explain all the details and deals.
  • Companies can put their booths/banquet/totem etc...?
    Of course, also at the Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena there is a space dedicated to Temporary Shop from which you can run a real temporary mini-shop. For more information send us an e-mail.


  • What kind of courses are?
    It is driving lesson on track with karts, mini pitbike or pitbike for children and adults. All courses are held by qualified staff.
  • If my children are minors, they need a companion?
    As for the recording, you need a document and the signature on the appropriate form by a responsible adult relative. The presence of the adult on the track during the training is not allowed.