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Discover what track is your favourite between our 4 available! For each track there is a specific rankings, depending on the type of kart or bike that you use. Four tracks that alternate during the week to give you new emotions every day! On which circuit do you race today? Check it out below!

Today you can drive on
Original Track

La modalità pista suindicata è puramente indicativa e suscettibile di modifiche da parte della Direzione.
La configurazione della sessione verrà comunicata dai commissari di percorso direttamente durante il briefing pre-gara.

Light signals along the track, and on the steering wheel of go-karts, integrate the marshal flags, while high-definition screens and display board provide any information on the performance of the driver.

Fireproof barriers delimiting the track were made especially for us, as well as shockproof system composed of helical springs buffers.

The design of the tracks, particularly large and accessible, have been developed together with professional drivers and a smoothness combining road holding, safety and fun. Safety is at the highest level, thanks to the shock absorption systems onboard.

Original / Original Reverse

ORIGINAL track can be driven in normal direction (clockwise) or in "reverse" mode (ORIGINAL REVERSE), creating 2 beautiful tracks of about 485 meters with 6 speed turns, 6 curves, 2 90°-elbow and 2 long straights. The original track, used since the opening of the plant, give great satisfaction to many riders of all levels.

Fast / Fast Reverse

FAST track can be driven in normal direction (clockwise) or in "reverse" mode (FAST REVERSE). This is a shortened but faster version of the Original Track, about 450 meters of length with 4 speed turns, 5 curves, 2 90°-elbow and 2 long straights. It's a perfect track for who loves speed and unplug the last meter.