SWS - Sodi World Series

Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena is an Official SWS - Sodi World Series Track

  1. What is SWS?
    SWS means Sodi World Series, the World Championship reserved for the more than 500 track partner Sodi in the world.
  2. How does it work?
    Every track SWS organizes its own events. The track itself decides which of these events is valid for the World Championship SWS.
  3. How much is the entry to the Championship SWS?
    Nothing is absolutely free.
  4. How Can I register?
    On the site www.sodiwseries.com following registration instructions. When it will be asked what is the Official Track SWS membership, you have to indicate TopFuel Racing® Milan Arena. You will receive an email, confirming your entry with a User ID and password, to consult your personal page on the site.
  5. Can I compete only in Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena?
    No, you can compete in any of the official tracks SWS in the world: the points you gain will be worth for your world ranking.
  6. How can I register for an event valid for the SWS?
    First of all, you must sign up at the track, which organizes the event. Then go to the site and choose the www.sodiwseries.com track organizer, then the event and confirm own participation. At the end of the event, the organizer will send the results of the race in SWS, which will update the world rankings, giving the score. WARNING: the registration on the SWS website does not imply registration for the event, which must be done directly from the organizing structure.
  7. What are the prizes?
    Chosen by SWS, see the website for updates.
  8. What are the requirements to participate?
    There are 3 categories of events:
    * Junior Cup, reserved for children from 9 to 15 years old
    * Sprint Cup, sprint race for more than 15 years old
    * Endurance, for teams of 2 to 6 people, individual assignment scores.
    Moreover, you must be registered in the SWS (see above).

Whenever Topfuel Racing® Milan Arena registers his event at the Sodi World Series, you'll find the logo SWS or otherwise the words "SWS - Sodi World Series", in support of the event is on the website of Topfuel Racing on various Social Network Topfuel of Racing.


Sign up now on the site SWS - Sodi World Series and become an international official SWS/Topfuel Racing driver!